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The Master Lock No. 1457VE410KA Personal Lockout Kit, Valve and Electrical, features an upgraded safety lockout toolbox to keep important lockout devices and padlocks together. Kit includes three Master Lock No. 410RED keyed alike Zenex™ Thermoplastic padlocks and both valve and electrical focused high-use products such as cable lockout, gate covers, Grip Tight™ and Seal Tight™ lockout devices and wall switch covers. Ideal for individual workers, padlocks are supplied keyed alike for added worker convenience.

  • Personal Lockout Kit - Valve and Electrical
  • (1) S1017 ultra-durable safety carry case containing:
  • (3) 410RED Zenex™ padlocks, keyed alike, and (1) 7C5RED circuit breaker padlock
  • (1) 420 lockout hasp and (1) 427 labeled snap-on red lockout hasp
  • (1) S806 adjustable cable lockout device
  • (1) 480 gate valve cover for 1in to 3in handles, (1) 481 gate valve cover for 2in to 5in handles, (1) 482 gate valve cover for 4in to 6.5in handles
  • (1) S3068 ball valve lockout and (1) 468L handle-off ball valve lockout
  • (3) 493B circuit breaker lockouts and (2) 491B circuit breaker lockouts
  • (1) 496B wall switch cover
  • (1) 497A Do Not Operate laminated safety tags (12-pack)